Born in Atlanta, GA, but raised in Nashville from the age of 11, Dylan Taylor has unapologetically explored herself as an artist/writer on the stages of Music City while growing into the artist she is today. Dylan credits her writing ability and style primarily to her father, Karl Braun, (formerly a rock singer/songwriter now turned entertainment attorney), and singer/songwriter, Harley Allen. Harley ended up being her father’s best friend when they got to town. 

Dylan also credits her own life which has already been filled with the experiences that inspire classic songs. Most of which have to do with the world of mental illness and addiction, something she’d been exposed to and in turn, learned to navigate at a younger age than most. She later survived her own rock bottom and found herself in recovery at age 20 while in the middle of her first pub deal, her first tour dates and shortly after releasing her first EP. 

Dylan’s next 2 projects were described as dark, moody, almost disturbing but with undeniably unique and masterful lyrics set to melodies that crossed genres enough to become her own thing. This difference became one of her greatest qualities but also her biggest frustration. As she grew as an artist, and Nashville began to change, it seemed harder and harder to find an established industry place to call home; people didn’t understand Dylan and Dylan didn’t understand why they wouldn’t try. So she abandoned the path she’d grown up watching her friends travel (and expected to travel herself) for a path guaranteed to be more difficult, but which would allow her to be herself and, as she would say, “make for better writing material.” 

That decision lead her through a multitude of good and bad situations that seemed to shape her into somewhat of a Nashville music industry rebel, pushing the limits with her lyrics and subject matter, while also refusing to adjust her naturally unique appearance at all. Like any true artist, you can hear Dylan’s journey in her music and feel her passion when you see her perform live. She  released two singles in 2018, "Sarah Dreaming" and "Get High," and then went on to release a full 6 song EP with 3 music videos and a movie like trailer, calling the project "Keep Wondering" in 2019. She organized an EP release event that  September and debuted her new band Hippie Speedball which became her main focus for 2020.

The group recorded and released a total of 5 songs in 2020 with 2 music videos, "Fuck The Police," "People 2020," "Don't Think Twice," "Trouble," and what Dylan likes to call their Christmas song, "Acid Rain." 2021 didn't slow her or the band down. The band now plays every other Monday at Betty's Grill in Nashville with road dates sprinkled throughout their tour schedule. They also released 3 new songs; "Good For Wreckin" "Best Shit Around" and "Stereo Type." They're working on a music video now.

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